PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, plus connu sous son sigle "PHP", est un langage de programmation libre, principalement utilisé pour produire des pages Web dynamiques via un serveur HTTP, mais pouvant également fonctionner comme n'importe quel langage interprété de façon locale. PHP est un langage impératif orienté objet.

Le tableau vous démontre la constante évolution du moteur PHP

Version Release EOL Notes
1.0 8 June 1995   Officially called "Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools)". This is the first use of the name "PHP".
2.0 1 November 1997   Officially called "PHP/FI 2.0". This is the first release that could actually be characterised as PHP, being a standalone language with many features that have endured to the present day.
3.0 6 June 1998 20 October 2000 Development moves from one person to multiple developers. Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans rewrite the base for this version.
4.0 22 May 2000 23 June 2001 Added more advanced two-stage parse/execute tag-parsing system called the Zend engine.
4.1 10 December 2001 12 March 2002 Introduced "superglobals" ($_GET, $_POST, $_SESSION, etc.)
4.2 22 April 2002 6 September 2002 Disabled register_globals by default. Data received over the network is not inserted directly into the global namespace anymore, closing possible security holes in applications.
4.3 27 December 2002 31 March 2005 Introduced the command-line interface (CLI), to supplement the CGI.
4.4 11 July 2005 7 August 2008 Fixed a memory corruption bug, which required breaking binary compatibility with extensions compiled against PHP version 4.3.x.
5.0 13 July 2004 5 September 2005 Zend Engine II with a new object model.
5.1 24 November 2005 24 August 2006

Performance improvements with introduction of compiler variables in re-engineered PHP Engine. Added PHP Data Objects (PDO) as a consistent interface for accessing databases.

5.2 2 November 2006 6 January 2011 Enabled the filter extension by default. Native JSON support.
5.3 30 June 2009 14 August 2014 Namespace support; late static bindings, jump label (limited goto), closures, PHP archives (phar), garbage collection for circular references, improved Windows support, sqlite3, mysqlnd as a replacement for libmysql as underlying library for the extensions that work with MySQL, fileinfo as a replacement for mime_magic for better MIME support, the Internationalization extension, and deprecation of ereg extension.
5.4 1 March 2012 3 September 2015 Trait support, short array syntax support. Removed items: register_globals, safe_mode, allow_call_time_pass_reference, session_register(), session_unregister() and session_is_registered(). Built-in web server. Several improvements to existing features, performance and reduced memory requirements.
5.5 20 June 2013 10 July 2016 Support for generators, finally blocks for exceptions handling, OpCache (based on Zend Optimizer+) bundled in official distribution.
5.6 28 August 2014 31 December 2018 Constant scalar expressions, variadic functions, argument unpacking, new exponentiation operator, extensions of the use statement for functions and constants, new phpdbg debugger as a SAPI module, and other smaller improvements.
6.x Not released N/A Abandoned version of PHP that planned to include native Unicode support.
7.0 3 December 2015 3 December 2018 Zend Engine 3 (performance improvements and 64-bit integer support on Windows), uniform variable syntax, AST-based compilation process, added Closure::call(), bitwise shift consistency across platforms, ?? (null coalesce) operator, Unicode code point escape syntax, return type declarations, scalar type (integer, float, string and boolean) declarations, <=> "spaceship" three-way comparison operator, generator delegation, anonymous classes, simpler and more consistently available CSPRNG API, replacement of many remaining internal PHP "errors" with the more modern exceptions, and shorthand syntax for importing multiple items from a namespace.
7.1 1 December 2016 1 December 2019 void return type, class constant visibility modifiers
7.2 30 November 2017 30 November 2020 Object parameter and return type hint, Libsodium extension, Abstract method overriding, Parameter type widening
7.3 6 December 2018 6 December 2021 Flexible Heredoc and Nowdoc syntax, support for reference assignment and array deconstruction with list(), PCRE2 support, hrtime() function
7.4 28 November 2019 December 2022 Typed Properties 2.0, Preloading, Null Coalescing Assignment Operator, Improve openssl_random_pseudo_bytes, Weak References, FFI – Foreign Function Interface

Always available hash extension, Password Hash Registry, Split multibyte string, Reflection for references, Unbundle ext/wddx, New custom object serialization mechanism

8.0 Q4 2020 or Q1 2021 Q4 2023 or Q1 2024 Just In Time compilation (JIT), arrays starting with a negative index, consistent type errors for internal functions, fatal error for incompatible method signatures
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